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Friday, January 6, 2012

Navitel Navigator v.

Navitel Navigator v. Android + Maps, Federal District of Russian Federation (Q3-2011)Navitel Navigator v. Android + Maps, Federal District of Russian Federation (Q3-2011) | 2.38 GB
Coverage Area: Eastern Europe, all the Commonwealth (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan), Finland, Russia Federal neighborhood

- A new free online service NAVITEL.SOBYTIYA!
Service allows users to observe and to see a map for your navigation device mark other users of the following types of travel events: accidents (a division of the bands of the road), accidents, road works (a division of the bands of the road), other warnings, and mark on the map found the camera tracking speed.

All published by users on the map mark can accompany a text commentary. Previously published map of the other users can confirm or deny, if the mark does not match reality.

These services, along with updated Navitel.Sobytiya data traffic service Navitel.Probki. Information on the actions on the roads will disappear automatically after 3:00 oposlyadnego afterward confirmed. Read the details of the service section of the site "Online Services".

- Search by street. A new feature is available when searching for an address, was added to the numerous requests of users Navitel Navigator. With the search for an intersection you can easily find a place where two different streets or roads on the map and get directions to this place route, or look at it on the screen of the navigation device.

- Updated skin overnight. At night, the information from the navigator screen is now more convenient and easier to read.

- Display of inner-city at the address search. When searching the streets under the title of the street is now displayed and the area to which it relates.

- More information in the Dynamic POI Navitel. For example, if dobornoy upload information about the cost of fuel at the pump, you can see the date oposlyadnego upgrade prices.

- Pedestrian crossings SPEEDCAM. The set of warnings about unsafe areas on the roads now included and pedestrian crossings, on the approach to which the driver is required to reduce speed and increase attention. At the moment, brand new base SPEEDCAM taking into account pedestrian only available to residents of Kazakhstan. In a short time base SPEEDCAM with pedestrian crossings will be available for residents of other states. Members Navitel, as before, to create their own amateur base SPEEDCAM, now and in the light of pedestrian crossings.

- For users Android-smartphone on the website Navitel in the "Download" is now laid out "lightweight" version of the apk-file Navitel Navigator for use in smart phones with a limited amount of free memory.

- Improved overall stability and speed of navigation software.

Pay attention to users, some advanced features Navitel 5.0.3 (for example, a search for intersections) will work only in the cards for Navitel Navigator Release Q3-2011 and the most recent.


INSTALLATION Navitel-full- 39.94 MB For those who are resources permit, the rest is minimized Repak!

Run once Navitel-full- 39.94 MB, if the difficulties then Navitel-full- 3.78 MB and copy the rest of the folder containing the Navitel.

Maps Navitel (NAVITEL) "The federal neighborhood of the Russian Federation (Q3-2011)
System Requirements: Navitel Navigator and higher platforms Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android, Bada.


An updated map of Russia Release Q3-2011 contains:

- 2'388 cities and towns with a detailed "to the house."

- 842 bp of the town and with a detailed "to the street."

- 4'389'275 addresses contained in the map.

- 136'072 localities available for searching.

- More than 412'000 points POI.

- 2'908'000 km road graph.

In the maps of federal districts updated road count and updated address database, updated point of POI. Among reported users Navitel on the official forums and bug tracker through the official site.

WARNING! Maps Release Q3-2011 ONLY work with version 5.0.3 Navitel Navigator or higher (5.0.4 or higher for Bada smartphones)!

10km - The Review
CFA - Central Federal District
North-West - North-West Federal District
PFD - Volga Federal District
SFD - Southern Federal District
SKFO - North Caucasus Federal District
UFO - The Ural Federal District
SFO - The Siberian Federal District
Far Eastern Federal District - Far Eastern Federal District

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