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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

ESET Mobile Security 1.0.189

EsetProtect your Android smartphone and tablet from emerging threats.
ESET Mobile Security for Android combines ESET’s mobile-optimized proactive antivirus scanning engine with antispam and antitheft features to provide real-time protection against known and emerging threats—without impacting performance.

Release Candidate
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Key Features & Benefits:
♦    Proactive protection: ESET’s proactive heuristics technology instantly scans all downloaded applications, files, folders, and SD memory cards for trojans, viruses, worms, spyware, adware, and other threats.
♦    Anti-theft security system: Simple SMS commands help you remotely locate, lock or wipe your Android device in the event it is stolen or simply misplaced. GSM users can prevent unauthorized use of their mobile devices by registering trusted SIM cards. A SMS alert is sent to your alternate phone silently when any other SIM card is inserted into your GSM Android mobile device.
♦    Security audit with built-in task manager: Monitor all vital phone functions, including battery life, free disk space, running processes, Bluetooth, and device visibility. And then take action on the spot to terminate any processes and remedy settings that raise your risk profile.
♦    Password Protection: Secure your device with one user-defined master password. All module settings as well as un-installation (Android 2.2 or 2.3) can also be protected by the same password.
♦    SMS/MMS/Voice Antispam: Define trustworthy contacts with customizable black/white lists or simply block messages and phone calls from unknown numbers.
Operating Systems:
♦    Android 2.0 through 2.3
♦    Experimental support for Honeycomb 3.0, 3.1

What's in this version:
Antivirus-Added scanning ability for multiple directories and files
Antispam-Added blocking of anonymous callers
Antitheft-Added trusted friend functionality which allows to reset a forgotten password from a per-defined number
Antitheft-Added new SMS command for remote reset of forgotten password
GUI-Added descriptions, ongoing notifications and status bar icon
Numerous bug fixes
Known issue-Application occasionally request unlock code after rebooting or long-term inactivity on some devices

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