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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

RockPlayer v1.7.4

RockPlayer is free Android  media player with high performance, almost all formats of with a variety of functions. It saves time and disk space to convert or format transcoding.

Simply place your video on an SD card or click the URL in the browser to view them. Load “Srt” external subtitles with the same name of video support and Automatic. M3U playlist.

Lite version is supported by advertising. By the request of Google, we no longer distribute the PayPal able to use Google Android Market, users check in Updates App setting for ongoing support.
If you are interested in the version of the free publicity, please visit our website, basically, we publish a market situation in the pay-version as soon as we are entitled to be a merchant.
FFmpeg LGPL components are dynamically linked; sources are available on our website.
RockPlayer v1.7.4 APK image
RockPlayer v1.7.4 APK imageWhat’s in this version:
1. Support Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
2. Some bug fixings
3. Requires Location permission to improve AdMob advertisement.

Requirements : Android 1.6 +
More Info :

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