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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Google Maps 6.4.0

Google Maps 6.4.0 apk android 588x287 Download Google Maps 6.4.0 APK Android
Google Maps 6.4.0 Android – All of android users are already familiar with Google Maps application. Google Maps for android is the most popular and also the best maps application for android phone or tablet. This app also can be use to track position. Recently, Google updates this app again to new version. That’s Google Maps 6.4.0. As usual, if you’ve already installed this app on your android device, you don’t
need to download it again. You just need to update your Google Maps app to version 6.4.0 through Google Play or Android Market app.

The main feature of Google Maps is as maps and GPS application. This app features with navigation, places and latitude feature. For more details about the features of this app, please visit the official page that the link is available on this post. Meanwhile, there is also a new feature in Google Maps 6.4.0. That’s simplified menu for Google Maps Navigation (Beta). This feature will let you to get more than an map application. There are no other new features in this version.



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